Interactive Videos

To watch videos on mySecondTeacher, simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the “Subjects” tab on the top menu of the homepage.
  • Select the chapter that you want to watch the video of. You will be shown the sub-topics of the chapter.
  • Select the topic you want to watch and get started with watching the video.

(Note: If you have a freemium account, you will have access to every subject’s first chapter videos only)

If you’re unable to see the seek bar while watching a video on mySecondTeacher, it may be because the seek bar has been disabled for that particular video or all the videos. 

Whether or not the seek bar is available for the videos is usually decided by the teacher of the class. If you’re unsure why the seek bar is not available for a particular video, please feel free to contact our platform support team for further assistance.

Completion is a percentage that represents the number of videos you have watched on a specific academic course. When you watch all the videos on a particular subject, you will achieve 100% completion for that subject.

Mastery, on the other hand, indicates your understanding of a topic or subject. It is measured by your performance on the end-of-lesson quizzes of all videos. If you get 100% correct answers on all quizzes, you will score 100% mastery.

In a freemium account, you will have access to interactive videos for each subject’s introductory chapter only.

Please feel free to watch the videos and see how you like them. If you like our content, you can switch to a premium account for complete access to all our videos.

Yes, you can download the videos through mobile application. Follow the given steps to download the videos:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on the “Subjects” tab on the top menu of the homepage.
  • Select the subject and chapter that you want to watch the video of. 
  • You will find a “download” icon on the right side of each interactive video
  • Click on the download icon to download.
  • After your video has been downloaded, you can watch it in offline mode as well.

Please note that the video download feature is exclusive to the app. Make sure to access the videos through the app to utilize this functionality.

Yes, you can stream the videos offline. However, offline videos are available on mySecondTeacher app only. To stream the videos offline, you will have to download the videos first. Follow the steps to stream videos offline:

  • Open the mySecondTeacher app
  • Go to the bottom right of the front page and you will find “More” option
  • Click on “More” 
  • You will find the download icon
  • Go to downloads and check all the downloaded videos

Yes, you can skip watching a video and directly take the mastery test. However, it is strongly recommended that you watch the videos at least once because the test questions will be related to the topics discussed in the videos. 

Follow the given steps to skip a video and directly take the mastery test:

  • Click on the Test Yourself tab on your Dashboard.
  • Select “Test how good you are” from the pop-up.
  • Choose the subject you want to test yourself on.
  • Select the chapter and topic you want to take the end-of-lesson quiz for.
  • Click on “Take the end-of-lesson quiz now” to start the quiz.
  • Answer the questions that follow.

You can also visit the My Subjects tab on the homepage and follow the steps below:

  • Choose the chapter and topic.
  • Click on the “Take the end-of-lesson quiz now” button below the video.
  • Then answer the questions that follow.

Our videos are different because we follow a pattern to create interactive videos (Ivys) that combine media and technology. In the media, while writing scripts, we follow a format called CCA pedagogy (context, content, real-life application) and technology where there is an in-lesson quiz, an end-lesson quiz, and a report that will provide customized feedback.

You can view the videos of available subjects under the “Teaching Resources” category in the navigation bar.

Our platform does not offer tutor support at the moment. You can try re-watching the videos and taking the quizzes as well, that might clear out your doubts.

Sorry, we do not provide correct answers to students for a reason: to encourage students to self-explore and self-learn. However, students can view their weaknesses in a diagnostic report and work to improve their knowledge.

It seems like you have a freemium account on our platform. Freemium accounts only have access to introductory videos of each subject on our platform. To get access to all the videos in our platform you will need to upgrade your account to a premium account.

Quizzes in MySecondTeacher’s interactive videos enhance your learning in several ways:

Active Engagement: Quizzes involve you in the content, promoting better understanding.

Immediate Feedback: In-lesson quizzes provide real-time feedback and clarify doubts.

Comprehensive Assessment: End-lesson quizzes evaluate your understanding of the entire video.

Diagnostic Reports: End-lesson quizzes offer diagnostic reports, helping you focus on areas that need improvement.

Memory Retention: Quizzes reinforce memory and aid long-term retention.

By incorporating quizzes and diagnostic reports, MySecondTeacher aims to make your learning more interactive, effective, and engaging. Quizzes not only help you assess your knowledge but also provide a structured approach to continuous improvement in your learning process.