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Live Chat and Call Support

Live Chat and Call Support

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On-site Support

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Social Media Channels

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Teaching Resources

The “Teaching Resources” feature facilitates teachers in uploading and disseminating various course materials, including lecture notes, and study guides, to students and fellow faculty members within the school or college. The sub-features of Teaching Resources are as follows:

  • My Resources: The “My Resources” sub-feature is a centralized repository where teachers can organize and share instructional materials like presentations, lecture notes, and study aids. Through this platform, teachers have the capability to upload files and web links, facilitating the seamless distribution of resources to their respective classes.
  • School Resources: “School Resources” is a collaborative hub where teachers of the same school can upload and exchange teaching materials. Additionally, teachers have the ability to access and incorporate resources shared by their colleagues into their centralized resources, “My Resources.”

“Teacher’s Content” is a feature specifically designed for teachers that aids in sharing essential course materials, such as lecture notes and study guides, with their students. This feature streamlines the process of sharing teaching resources, enabling teachers to effortlessly provide students with access to the materials they need for their studies.

Follow the given steps to upload resources to “My Resources” or “School Resources”:

  • Click on “Teaching Resources” on the navigation bar.
  • Click on “My Resources” or “School Resources”.
  • Select the “My Resources” or “School Resources” option available.
  • Click on the “Upload” button and select “Upload file.”
  • Fill out the required details and click on the “Save” button.

Note: By selecting the “New Folder” button, you can create a folder into which the resources can be uploaded. Additionally, the file size of the uploaded document should not exceed 100 MB.

Follow the given steps to view the resources shared by the teacher

  • Go to the “Classroom” feature on navigation bar,
  • Click on “Teacher’s Contents”
  • Select the subject you want to view the resources from dropdown button.
  • Select the folder belonging to the teacher whose resources you wish to view.

Note: The resources will automatically download for offline viewing. This ensures that even if the teacher removes them from the platform, you’ll still have access to them.”

Follow the given steps to share resources among students:

  • Go to the “Teaching Resources” feature on navigation bar
  • Click on “My Resources”
  • Select the content or file you want to share
  • Click on the “Share Resources icon” under the Action tab
  • Select the subject and grade
  • Click on the “Share” button.

Note: The contents of “My Resources” can be downloaded, edited, shared, and deleted. Individual files can be downloaded; however, downloading entire folders as a single entity is not supported. The shared resources will be reflected in ‘Teacher’s Content’.

mySecondTeacher is a multiple award-winning academic platform developed in Nepal and used globally by students, parents and educators.

It helps enhance academic experiences by delivering online lessons and resources, and managing assignments. It also provides real-time insights into students’ learning behavior, allowing teachers and parents to identify areas of improvement and address them promptly.


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