Diagnostic Report

You can view the diagnostics reports in two different ways. Here are the methods to view your diagnostics reports:

Method 1:

  • Select the subject you want to view the diagnostic report for.
  • Click on “Diagnostic Report” to view the list of diagnostic reports.
  • Select the chapter and subtopic you want to view the report for.
  • Click on the particular video from the list in that chapter and subtopic.
  • Click on the “View” button to see the detailed diagnostic report for that video

Method 2:

  • Select the subject you want to view the diagnostic report for.
  • Select the video for which you want to view the diagnostics report
  • Attempt the End-Lesson quiz for the system to generate the diagnostic report
  • You’ll find the diagnostics report just below the video. Click on the “view report” button on the right side of the screen.

Reports are usually generated within a minute. If your report is stuck on “Calculating Mastery,” please try refreshing the page. You can also click on the notification button to check if the report has been published.

Check your internet connectivity and device settings to ensure there are no connectivity issues.If you are still unable to view your report, please reach out to our platform support team using the live chat feature on the bottom-right corner of the website. You can also contact our platform Support team via phone at 9801010155/9801010144, or by email at help@mysecondteacher.com.np for assistance.

mySecondTeacher believes in fostering a deep understanding of the topics rather than just memorizing answers. Therefore, we do not inform students which questions they got wrong in their assessments. This encourages students to review the topic again, strengthen their understanding of the concepts, and prevent future mistakes.

By focusing on the process of learning rather than the result, students can develop a better understanding of the subject, and this can help them achieve long-term success. Our approach motivates students to learn from their mistakes and encourages them to develop a deep understanding of the concepts, rather than just striving for mastery.

The real-time insights provided by mySecondTeacher allow teachers and parents to understand how students are engaging with academic content. This information can be used to identify areas where students may be struggling or excelling, enabling educators to provide timely interventions and personalized attention. By addressing these needs promptly, mySecondTeacher aims to improve overall academic outcomes.

Usually, such an issue occurs due to the cache on your browser. You’ll need to clear the cache on the browser, restart the browser, and reload the report.