Through our platform, leaders can better supervise considering they can see all the information about the school’s teachers and students. As a result of this, leaders may continue to lead, which will result in positive outcomes for the school and ultimately assist in improving the institution’s reputation.

By providing real-time insights into student progress, engagement, and academic performance, mySecondTeacher enables school leaders and management to identify areas for improvement. This data-driven approach allows them to make informed decisions and implement targeted interventions to maximize their school’s overall performance.

Our aim is to give students a hassle-free learning experience while also enabling teachers to use creative teaching and monitoring strategies. We recognize the value of parental engagement in a child’s education, which is why we provide constant monitoring to provide parents with serenity of mind. With our complete control mechanism, school directors can feel confident that their students are receiving the best education possible.

The Leader’s account is different from other accounts because the leader can see the overall performance and activity of the entire school (teachers and students) and can compare the performance of the classes with other classes.

Leaders can better monitor using our platform since they have access to all information about the school’s teachers and students. As a consequence, leaders may continue to lead, resulting in favorable outcomes for the school and eventually aiding in the improvement of the institution’s reputation.

mySecondTeacher helps school leaders and administration find areas for improvement by giving real-time insights into student growth, engagement, and academic performance. This data-driven approach enables them to make educated decisions and conduct focused interventions to improve the overall performance of their school.

Leaders just need to keep up with all of the activities at the school. They usually do not participate in teaching and  Ivy-related activities. Hence, the leaders do not have access to IVYs.

To add a new teacher or student account on the platform, administrators should provide us with information about the participants. After creating an account, we will provide you with the login details.

In the class feature, the leader can see the list of all students and teachers of each grade of the school and their overall platform activities and performance report. It also shows the comparative statistics of the overall classes.

Leaders can’t direct messages to all stakeholders but can push announcements to select specific stakeholders (teachers, students, and parents) and to all stakeholders too.