How to give out assignments?

Follow these simple steps to give out assignments:

  • Go to the Teacher’s Dashboard and click on the “Assignment” tab.
  • Click on “Give Assignment.”
  • Select the relevant class(es) for the assignment.
  • Enter the assignment’s title and a brief description.
  • Upload any relevant files or URL links.
  • Enter the grading system and set the deadline for the assignment.
  • Optionally, schedule the assignment for a later date by selecting “Make it available for later” and setting the date and time.
  • Click “Continue” to finalize the assignment.

The students of the selected class(es) will be notified of the assignment on their mySecondTeacher app and also when they log in to mySecondTeacher.

Alternatively, you can also give assignments via the “Classrooms” tab on the top of your homepage.

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